First customer engagement and award winning platform covering the entire end-to-end customer journey in Latin America and The Caribbean

Pricing Module

Our process is fully automated, with customers accessing complete pricing online, feasibility, network status through our developed algorithm, and project delivery via LatamConnect platform or API.

No other carrier can provide instant firm pricing to any city in LATAM. Purchase Orders are automated which reduces errors and eliminates briefcase time so that service delivery can be carried out more quickly.

Delivery Module

Our service delivery process is transparent and automated. Through a project management system that ensures services are delivered in record time and most importantly, the carrier partner knows exactly in what stage the service is, so they can keep their end-customer informed and set the right expectations.

This drastically improves Customer Engagement measured by Net Promote Score. GoldConnect is the only provider enabling customers to do this in LATAM.

Monitoring Module

Our systems are fed with real-time intelligence on the performance of local fiber networks and automatically avoids networks that are experiencing frequent outages. LatamConnect platform allows clients to have instant visibility and alert into packet loss, power outages, and local fiber cuts to react swiftly and appropriately even before the end-customer realizes the service is affected. GoldConnect is the only provider able to offer this feature along and across its own and partnered network infrastructure.

Trouble-Ticketing Module

This module allows our clients to open new trouble tickets, review RFO and tickets reporting. And if needed you can even chat with our NOC in real time.

Other Features

Digital Contracting: Using a secure and confidential environment for global and regional contracting.

Embedded Chat Feature: Real time communication with Sales, Service Delivery Manager and NOC.

History Track: Customer can easily find RFOs or track ticket history for their records.

Sign your Service Orders directly from our platform and if you wish we can enable you to make payments using cryptocurrencies.

A customer engagement platform


An award-winning platform


“Wholesale Innovation Disruptor of the Year” at the Global Carrier Awards

Recognized for having the most disruptive and Innovative business model in the industry through our LatamConnect Platform


GCCM Recognition Award: Best LATAM Carrier Projects of the Year

Recognized for the LatamConnect platform development. The first customer engagement platform covering the end to end customer journey in the Latin American region.

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